About the festival

About the festival

What decides which topics are covered by the media and how, has less to do with the importance of the topic and its influence and more to do with the interests of a few. That much you already knew!

The Question is, in a world where the majority of media is controlled by the money of a minority, how much can media activists like you really do?

We, at the International Khorsheed Media Festival, believe that the truth of a message can do wonders in taking if further. We also believe that together, women in media can narrate, illuminate, and initiate change.

And that’s where you come in! You with your keen eye for the real stories covering ordinary people; those that can make a difference and not just make noise.

Thereby, we invite you to take part in this festival to enrich our international platform with stories seldom seen and voices rarely heard. From issues affecting families to inspiring stories of popular resistance across the world, we are here to shine a light on them all.


The Int. Khorsheed Media Festival Secretariat